• Build Your World is the flagship video for the re-release of the brand new website for KITBASH3D. The film tells the story of architecture through time.

    Direction/Animation – Sava Zivkovic
    Music/Sound Design – Iz Svemira

    Client – KITBASH3D

    Tools: 3ds Max, Octane Render, Adobe Suite, World Machine

    Earlier in the year I had a pleasure of creating cover art for KITBASH3D Future Slums pack, and that collaboration sparked the conversation that would eventually lead up to the creation of this project. The goal of the project was to convey the key message of KITBASH3D, to enable artist in building their worlds, and also to showcase as many kits as the time and concept allows us.

    I immediately knew we had a set of restrictions with this project, mainly time, because of my full time job commitment I only had 4 weeks in my after hours and weekends to complete the 2 minute film. The restrictions immediately informed the approach as there was no time to tackle heavy animation driven concepts with many moving pieces as I initially intended. The solution to the problem was to take the film into the very opposite of a fast paced spot, and into a calm exploration of already built and lived in places, almost as a documentary of sorts, without a doubt inspired by films like Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi.

    The materialized concept resulted in using match cuts to seamlessly transition between different eras. The tempo and tone are slow and calm, letting the viewer take in the various details of the kits and the worlds they are a part of. The music supports this calmer approach and steps back in a more ambient manner, letting the sound take the lead as we go through the journey. Sound proved to be key in this approach, as we build up towards the tagline "Build Your World" it was imperative that the worlds we are seeing feel real and lived in, showing the audience what could be done with the kits and inviting them to build their own worlds at the end.  

    One of the most fun parts of the project, it’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of modeling, so getting to work on a project where all assets are done upfront felt extremely refreshing, as you get more time to focus on the creative aspect of the project such as editing and previz.

    All of the scenes were blocked out in two days, some by hand, others using procedural scattering techniques with Forest Pack for 3ds Max. 

    As with many projects before, I’ve relied on Adobe suite for all my post production needs. All shots were composited in After Effects with a host of plugins for additional compositing and color grading, and edited in Premiere Pro.

    Some of the early exploration to the end card animation, which was later discarded for the simpler approach.
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