London Stories - Transport for London

  • Prize of illustration competition for Transport for London by AOI

    This is my submission to this year's competition by AOI and TFL, the theme this year was LONDON STORIES, I've been living in London more than two years now and with this poster I wanted to represent how the tube is somewhere where you can find people from completely different backgrounds, it's the pure expression of London, a multicultural city with lots of interesting individuals who are struggling to do their own thing in this amazing city.

    Across the ages, London has produced and inspired countless stories. Fictitious or real characters and events in this amazing city have always held a fascination, from the anecdotal urban myth to grand tales of historic legend – from the everyday to the curious, and from the past to the present. The aim of the Poster Prize for Illustration competition 2019 is to attract artwork for display that is colourful, inspiring and celebrates the vibrant, multi-layered city that is London.