• THE INOUE BROTHERS  Illustration for the best quality alpaca knitwear brand in the world.

  • Illustration CONCEPT / Client's philosophy : 

    One world. No border. Revolution.
    We got inspired from their philosophy and attitude.

    The Inoue Brothers was founded in 2004 by two Japanese brothers, Satoru and Kiyoshi Inoue - born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a design/art studio based on a common love for two cultures, Japanese sensibility and Scandinavian simplicity. They call it Scandinasian design. 

     The brand has been developed through uncompromising ideals yet total openness of perspective, which has enabled the brand to establish strong bonds with various indigenous and heritage, cultural and craft rich communities.

     With every project, the aim is to create awareness of responsible production methods through quality and design.
  • Story 1 :

    The highest-class alpaca knit ordered by the high brand to producer.
    However, there are numerous intermediaries in the distribution system,
    It becomes a very expensive item.
    Local producers could not wear it.
    Inoue brothers felt something strange and changed the system.
    They made a distribution system that cherishes producers independently, called "Direct Trade".
  • Details :

    We made details by reflecting their activities and thoughts.
    - Rebellion. Break the regulatory framework. 
    - Let's get more freedom, more fun.

    The fist sticks out in the middle of the city, and various things surround it.
    The entire city has become an amusement world.
    Look, there is a skateboard rampage, rock band, DJ booth, dance, parade, and fashion show, etc.
  • Sketches :

    At first, we planned with isometric style as usual.
    But we changed it to a one-point perspective style, to make it more powerful.
  • Story 2 :

    We changed the fist size so it was bigger. 
    The big fist symbolizes their thoughts.

    The big fist smashes many intermediaries and connects from producers to consumers directly, 
    and gives the highest quality products.

    We expressed their thoughts in our style.
    It means people all over the world have become friends and are connected in a positive way.
  • B / W Line
  • Finish :

    We changed the color of the fist to gold, to make it feel more energetic and more strength.