The Freelancer

  • Portfolio Ep001
    You need a Folio to get more work!
  • Useless Meeting Ep002
    This happened all the time. Just tell me the spec already!
  • Insurance Ep003
  • No Insurance Ep004
  • Wrong Unit Ep005
    Do you ever get a files from a client, in some wonky units, Dont know what to do with that.
  • I got my eye(s) on you Ep006
  • Dress Code Ep007
  • Smell of Success Ep008
  • Family resemblance ? Ep009
  • Room Service Ep010
  • I was a freelancer in the game industry, for a long....long time. Back
    then it was only the Cat and I..  I thought it would be neat to create a comic(ish) about those days as a freelancer, but with a Medieval Fantasy theme.. 

  • One thing that was important this time around, was to have strong background, different colors, something that POP for every illustration..
  • Enjoy some close up
  • Behind the Scenes....
    As always i used 3Ds max, and mental ray.
    I composite the finals in photoshop.
  • Early scenes and some quick mood sketches..
  • More episode to come later this year.. ?
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