Two Feet Undr


    Two Feet Undr is the first and most exclusive sneaker store in Nuevo León, México. It has the support of the most recognized brands in the market, selling unique pairs for those who want to differentiate themselves from the rest.

    The main need was to create a mural inside the store where the passion for sneakers, streets, basketball and some of the 
    most iconic pairs for snearkerheads were represented.

    The solution
    We seek to create a visual impact through graphics that represent 3 key points:
    Sneakers, Street and Graffiti.

    We designed a series of posters with a contrasting palette to intervene the store like propaganda adding paint and spray to give 
    a street spirit to the mural.
    The posters were also used to be stuck on the street and as a gift to shop customers.

  • Dirección de Arte: Neto Zamora
    Diseño e ilustraciones: Neto Zamora, Moisés Cordova, Angel Puente
    Ejecución de Mural: The Hungry Design Team
    Fotografía: Aldo de León
    Logotipo de Two Feet Undr y tagline por: Anatomía mx
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