Various illustrations/ Summer 2018

  • Hi!
    I'm happy to show you another set of my editorial and personal illustrations.
    © GOSIA HERBA 2018
  • Here are two first pieces from my newest personal project: Crying People. 
    - Crying woman and the still-life with an empathetic octopus. 
  • Personal project: Crying People.
    - Crying woman in a butcher shop. 
  • Sunshine. Personal project.
  • Here is my interpretation of a logo for the cosmetics factory "Uroda" (Beauty), designed by a legendary Polish designer Karol Śliwka. You can see the original sign here.
  • Editorial illustration for  Nature UK. "Squeaky clean mice could be ruining research"
    Art direction: Jasiek Krzysztofiak
  • Poster designed for Polish Debut Film Festival "Młodzi i film". 
  • Easter packaging illustration for Lukullus - Warsaw pâtisserie.
  • photo by Lukullus
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