Chemours — We Are Living Chemistry

  • Together with Ogilvy New York, we created a series of branding videos to promote the three of Chemours businesses: Titanium Technologies, Mining Solutions and Fluoroproducts. These videos premiered at the company's inaugural Investor Day in 2017 at the New York Stock Exchange. 

    These videos were created on table tops and show close up, macro shots of elements that power chemistry for Chemours. Every video is dedicated to a different chemistry and its end benefit in a metaphorical way - Cooling refrigerants, vibrant color pigments, and gold and silver mining. To emphasize the dynamics of Chemours growing brands, we decided to work with the unpredictable living matter. We used various substances and elements, such as—water, ice, liquid nitrogen, fire, gold molecules and colorful powders. 

    In total, we created three powerful, branding videos, with no CG elements at all. These are three simple stories about the power of chemistry.

  • Fluoroproducts

  • Mining Solutions 
  • .
  • Titanium Technologies
  • Client: Chemours
    Agency: Ogilvy NY
    Associate Creative Director: Tom Greenwood
    Associate Creative Director: Joao Paz
    Senior Copywriter: Zachary Buckner
    Art Director: Hayley Grassetti
    Senior Producer: Jessica Fiore

    Creative Production Studio: Ars Thanea
    Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
    Director: Adam Torczyński
    Art Director: Maciej Mizer
    Producer: Marta Król
    Previz: Adam Torczyński Piotr Wołoszyński
    Concept, Shootingboard: Michał Urbański
    DOP: Mikołaj Syguda
    Edit: Andrzej Kowalski Talent Bank
    Grading: Katarzyna Żebrowska - Coloroffon
    Online: Jarek Gawroński Coloroffon, Krzysztof Laskowski Coloroffon
    Compositing: Łukasz Stolarski
    Production Manager: Magdalena Kamińska
    Studio: Bites
    SFX Supervisor: Jakub Laskus
    Producer Bites: Magda Garska
    Production Manager Bites: Dominik Orpel
    FSX Engineer: Maciej Łukowski
    SFX Specialists: Paweł Kwarciak, Rafał Wiśniewski, Łukasz Mergner
    Motion Control Operator: Michał Raczyński
    Phantom Technician: Bartek Komorowski
    Making of: OnlyOnly