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    City: Nantes
    Year: 2018
  • Unpublished typographic experiments for SUYT/NANTES.

    Basic Concept:
    Deriving the color palette from the cites official crest.
    Working with a single color for each design.
    Combining minimalist vector composition with stacked PS effects.
    Spending no more than 2 hours per concept.
    Focussing on exploring various styles rather than looking for perfection.
  • Version 1

    Exploring a map-like and cryptic style, 
    sticking to one set of angles / diagonals, 
    interlocking the letters
  • Version 2

    Working with a traditional style,
    borrowing decorative elements from the city crest,
    and creating a custom serif look
  • Version 3

    Playing with a subtle minimalist approach,
    working with lines and interconnecting elements only,
    focussing on overall composition within the format,
    interpreting the visual flow from the city logo (waves N)
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