Butterfly Girls Scarf Illustrations

  • Recently I developed a scarf design for a small accessory company in Berlin. On the scarf depicted two young girls in motley dresses with flowers and hovering around butterflies.

    For this design I used drawings that I made during my trip to Japan and Singapore.
    The amazing nature of these countries, the subtle smell of sakura blossoms, traditional festivities in folk costumes, the flirtatious laughter of Asian women in rustling silk kimonos, all this inspired me to create a new design the Butterfly Girls Scarf.

    In this design I combined three mandatory, in my opinion, components. The primary most important decorative elements are flowers drawn plein air – in our case these are white crocuses. The secondary major compositional elements are figures of two young pretty girls which make the design fresher and more fashionable. The third element of the design is the obligatory easy dynamics throughout the composition. This is achieved with soaring butterflies and falling petals that create an impression of dynamics and animation of the entire composition.

    The fabric of the scarf was not chosen by chance, in this case it is a poured soft silk, which coped well with the task, and emphasized the lightness and softness of the unique scarf.

    The sketch of the design and decorative elements was drawn first on the tablet, and later transferred and edited on the Mac.

    Enjoy the hot summer here.
  • Silky Foxy Fabrics is a small fashion brand based in Berlin. It produces limited editions of clothes and accessories for women with unique designs.

    Thanks for appreciating!

    Designer and illustrator - Kateryna Omelchuk
    Model - Daria Pushkina, Anastasiia Lotysh

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