app — soundmony

  • app sound — mony

  • 2018

  • we often forget about the noise level that surrounds us. our application helps in solving this problem while working in parallel with your headphones.

    we may even not notice the problem, but because of the huge amount of noise with a person.

    - noise level 
    - given by locations 
    - statistics 
    - recommendations

  • headphones + soundmony

  • the application directly communicates with your headphones and when you press the necessary button, 
    the environment is analyzed.

  • sounds

  • application uses a sound system for usage scenarios and transitions.
    this helps the user to better navigate the screen space and understand their actions.

  • listen all sounds

  • sounds used in the application

  • sp/sound/1

  • sp/sound/2

  • sp/sound/3

  • sp/sound/4

  • sp/sound/5


  • design - Ivan Tsanko
    Twitter / Medium / Dribbble