Statoil - Cautious Giant

  • Statoil - Cautious Giant

    My friends at invited me to develop this advertising spot for Statoil, the oil and gas giant. The idea behind this campaign was to introduce a cautious giant, worried about the traces left in its wake, representing the company in its attempt to reduce its footprints in the environment to make energy more sustainable. With the aim of developing a soft look, I imagined a entire world painted by a child, with hard strokes of crayons and certain patches of watercolor, and of course with some references to Adventure Time and the master Ray Harryhausen.

    In this project I was in charge of the art direction, the look & feel of the illustration styleframes, and the character design, while the duo formed by Felo Lira and Sebastián Pinto developed the backgrounds of each scene.

    * Backgrounds support boards illustration/design by Felipe Lira and Sebastián Pinto.
    * Cel Animation Giant by Carlos Araya.