Maritime Silk Road Painting

  • 什么是海上丝绸之路
    What is the Maritime Silk Road?
    In the middle and late Western Han Dynasty of China and the Eastern Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty expanded the scale of sea trade with the sea route, and the “Maritime Silk Road” rose. "Han Geography": From Xu Wen (now Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province), Hepu (now Hepu County, Northwestern China), through the South China Sea, Huang Zhiguo and the country of the Indian Peninsula (now Sri Lanka). This is the earliest written record of the Maritime Silk Road.
  • 古代海丝图Map of Ancient Maritime Silk Road
  • 唐宋时期,海上丝绸之路处于鼎盛时期。海上丝绸之路替代了陆上丝绸之路,成为我国对外交往的主要通道。
    During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Maritime Silk Road was at its peak. The Maritime Silk Road has replaced the Silk Road on the land and has become the main channel for China's foreign exchanges.

    The ancient Maritime Silk Road connected the ancient civilizations of the world, forming the maritime arteries of Asia, Africa and Europe, and integrating Chinese civilization and Egyptian civilization, two rivers, Indian civilization, and American Inca civilization into the process of world civilization.
  • 五位艺术家携手创作“海上丝绸之路长卷”​​​​​​​
    Five artists work "Maritime Silk Road Painting" together
  • 历史告诉未来,不同国家和地区,不同肤色不同民族,身处不同文化背景或社会制度的五位艺术家,他们将继承古老丝路所积淀的精神财富,将携手创作艺术的绚丽篇章。
    History tells the future that five artists from different countries and regions, different skin colors and different nationalities, who are in different cultural backgrounds or social systems, will inherit the spiritual wealth accumulated in the ancient Silk Road and will work together to create a beautiful chapter of art.
  • Qingsui清穗(中国) Aleksey Rico(俄罗斯) 
    Marianna Tomaselli(意大利) Pierre Kleinhouse(以色列) Tripuck Supawattana(泰国)
  • 海上丝绸之路艺术长卷
    Maritime Silk Road Painting
  • 海上丝绸之路艺术长卷是五人的智慧、美学、精神、世界观的提现,又是艺术家们互相竞技 角斗场,立意、色彩、构图、技法在一个画幅中的较量一览无余。
    Maritime Silk Road Painting is the cash, aesthetics, spirit, and world view of the five people. It is also the competition between the artists. The competition, the color, the composition, and the technique are in a single frame.
  • 海上丝绸之路艺术长卷Maritime Silk Road Painting
  • 长卷总长9米高3.6米。画作立意大胆,构图精妙,色彩鲜明,手法细腻,震撼人心。长卷由海丝路线律动起伏而贯穿整体,经中国、东南亚、西亚、欧洲、俄罗斯,自西向东划分为五大文化篇章。艺术家匠心独运,使用各地区的视觉符号,传达精彩纷呈的艺术风格,对立而统一,差异而和谐。
    Maritime Silk Road Painting has a total length of 9 meters and a height of 3.6 meters. The paintings are bold, the composition is exquisite, the colors are clear, the techniques are delicate, and they are shocking. The long scroll is run by the rhythm of the Haisi route and runs through the whole. It is divided into five major cultural chapters from west to east by China, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Europe and Russia. The artist's ingenuity uses the visual symbols of each region to convey the artistic style of the different, opposite and unified, different and harmonious.
  • 如果你们喜欢,可以下载壁纸
    If you like, you can download wallpaper.
  • Russia
  • Russia (partial)
  • Europe (partial)
  • Europe (partial)
  • West Asia
  • West Asia (partial)
  • Southeast Asia
  • Southeast Asia (partial)
  • China
  • China (partial)
  • 海丝展览
    Exhibition of Maritime Silk Road Painting​​​​​​​
  • 7月17日海丝长卷在北京文化地标798全球首展,清穗携手以色列、俄罗斯、泰国的四位艺术家以及黄记玥亮总经理黄廉伟剪彩开幕。
    On July 17th,Maritime Silk Road Painting was at the world premiere of Beijing Cultural Landmark 798. Qingsui teamed up with four artists from Israel, Russia and Thailand, and Huang Lianwei, general manager of Huang Jiliang, to cut the ribbon.
  • 7月20日海丝长卷在南宁国际会展中心锦宴剧场举行发布会。
    On July 20th, Maritime Silk Road Painting held a press conference at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center Jinyan Theater.

  • 7月20日海丝长卷在南宁万象城举办画展。
    On July 20, Maritime Silk Road Painting held a painting exhibition in Mix City, Nanning.

  • AR技术
    Augmented Reality
  • 原来,海丝长卷除了视觉上的美轮美奂外,还加入了6处图像识别技术。打开QQ扫一扫,探索长卷上的时空隧道,带你穿越奇幻海丝之。
    It turns out that in addition to the visual beauty, Maritime Silk Road Painting has also added six image recognition technologies. Open the QQ app sweep and explore the space-time tunnel on the long roll, taking you through the fantasy sea silk tour.
  • 俄罗斯-俄罗斯方块Russia - Tetris
  • 欧洲-你是文艺复兴中的谁Europe - who are you in the Renaissance?
  • 西亚-一千零一夜West Asia - One Thousand and One Nights
  • 东南亚-菲越新马泰Southeast Asia - Play Southeast Asia
  • 中国-最中国的文学China - the most Chinese literature
  • 海丝产品
    goods of Maritime Silk Road
  • 发布会上公布了海丝大月饼。
    The moon cake of Maritime Silk Road was announced at the press conference.
  • 月饼和海丝一样都是爱的传递,祝愿海上丝绸之路的精神在新时代永远传承下去。
    Mooncakes and Maritime Silk Road are the transmission of love. I wish the spirit of the Maritime Silk Road will be passed down forever in the new era.
  • 海丝月饼提取海丝长卷各国的主体元素,色彩鲜明用于包装之上。
    The moon cake of Maritime Silk Road Painting the main elements of the country, and the color is vividly used for packaging.
  • 海丝月饼的饼模使用了汉代出土的铜镜为元素,还原汉代海丝古韵。
    The moon cake of Maritime Silk Road uses the bronze mirror unearthed from the Han Dynasty as an element to restore the ancient rhyme of the Han Dynasty.