• W   U   B   A   R 
    T h e  G a t e w a y  t o  t h e  D e s e r t 
  • Studio | Nucco Brain
    Creative Director | Stefano Marrone
    Art Director | Stefano Perelli
    Animator | Adriano Vessichelli
    Illustrator | Giovanni Maisto

  • A  j o u r n e y   t h r o u g h   h i s t o r y 
    The Middle East is a fantastic melting pot of cultures, religions and ethnicities. Each has its own history and story to tell, and a special approach is needed to do this effectively while educating audiences from around the globe.
    Take the Lost City of Wubar in Oman. This important archaeological site uncovers an ancient oasis in the middle of the desert, giving visitors a true sense of the history and culture of the country. So how do you transport people there, giving them a visceral sense of ancient Oman? To powerfully capture imagination we created an animated narrative journeying through ancient times to the present day, offering an immersive experience in an expansive 15-meter space in the Wubar Information Centre.

  • With complex, fast-growing economies and significant investment over recent decades, Middle Eastern countries have seen growth across a whole host of new sectors. The region has historically been known for oil, but now the spotlight is moving to areas like culture and tourism.To give you an idea of how this looks in figures, in Saudi Arabia in 2017 alone, the newly launched General Entertainment Authority put on over 2,000 events, with a pledge to commit over $64billion to arts, culture and tourism in the next 10 years. And that’s just one area in the Middle East!
    The challenge is getting across the diversity travel in the Middle East offers to an international audience, unfamiliar with the region’s culture and customs.

  • NUCCO BRAIN is a visual storytelling studio working with brands to develop long-term communications strategies built on a deep understanding of business goals.Our services include: content strategy, brand identity, and content production.

  • This project was created using Adobe Photoshop CC + Wacom Cintiq