California Dreamin I

  • California Dreaming is set in lovely and timeless Palm Springs, California. Set on a lovely sunny day, where time feels paused. A woman is sunbathing peacefully by a swimming pool. On the foreground, a beautiful pink flamingo is floating on the turquoise surface of the swimming pool. In the near distance, a few palm trees and the neighboring mountains add to the peaceful setting. 
    California Dreaming is a digital illustration first created with pen and paper. The sketch was finalized with Procreate on my iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. Once I was happy with the basic composition, I took the digital sketch to Photoshop and added all the details. Most of the illustration is done using photoshop vector curves. I like the sharpness of the rendition. Clean and minimalistic with subtle details and textures when I feel like it ;). 

  • Prints available on Etsy and my shop
    Illustration printed on Archival High Quality paper 308gr white. Signed and numbered (series of 50 for each size). Exists in sizes A4 (20x30cm), A3 (30x40cm), A2 (40x60cm). The format being unusual, the illustration is printed with white borders around it to fit standard frame sizes. Works beautifully. 

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