Google Doodles - World Cup 2018 - Croatia

  • Here's a few Doodles
    I made for Google:
  • Just before the match between Croatia 🇭🇷 and France 🇫🇷  I was invited to quickly make a Google Doodle to celebrate Croatian team historic success of reaching the finals of the World Cup 2018 ⚽️

    For my drawing I was inspired with the nickname of Croatian soccer team: Vatreni (The Fiery Ones). And as the famous cheering song says, they have a heart of fire ❤️🔥🇭🇷. Only such heart could lead the underdogs to this amazing success that made the entire nation fall in ecstasy and feel so proud.

    The Doodle celebrates 2nd place finish and the homecoming of the heroes 💪
  • Google worked with 1 local artist from each of the 32 participating countries to complete each of the Doodles in the global series. Each artist was given the same basic Doodle template, including a ball and a goal. We were then asked to illustrate against the prompt “What ⚽️ looks like in my country.” This is a Doodle I made for Croatia.

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  • This is a Google Doodle I made for Croatian Independence Day 2014.​​​​​​​ It's inspired by the lyrics of the Croatian national anthem. The first two words of the hymn Lijepa našaare widely used as a metonym for the country.