Present Tense - CGI Personal Work

  • Present Tense is a portfolio piece inspired by the fourth generation Lincoln Continental, one of Kennedy's official presidential limousines. We wanted to show this iconic vehicle in present-day settings for an effect of temporal dislocation, heightened by the differences between presidents of these two eras: the car's most famous passenger and the present occupant of the White House. As an unknown motorist drives through modern America, the car's elegance and association with a period of change and optimism brings a time-shifted feel to each scene that it moves through. 

    Using back plates from photographer Malte Bartjen, our London team chose locations that would work as a series, while giving each image its own distinct atmosphere. To blend the CGI Lincoln with its contemporary settings, we fine-tuned the colours for a classic Kodachrome look. Take some time for a road trip to our website for more.
  • Creative Director: Christoph Bolten / Recom Farmhouse
    CGI Artists: Anna Toropova, Adam Jones / Recom Farmhouse
    Post Artists: Pepê Alram, Alex Nizhnikovskyi / Recom Farmhouse
    Photographic Backplates: Malte Bartjen 
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