Editorial Weekly April-May

  • “Editorial Weekly” is an on-line weekly based project: one illustration to represent one article from an international magazine.
    It is a self promotion project that helps me in keeping me trained in editorial and conceptual illustrations.
    Take a look at the previous "Editorial Weekly" issues here below:
    This will be the last batch of issues and after one year, the project eventually ends.
    I hope you liked it!
  • Living in a polyamory relationship
    The New York Times  March 23 - 2018

  • Looking for the right way to make peace with your partner
    Scientific American  April 17 - 2018

  • How Nazi ideology is returning across Europe
    The Guardian  April 18 - 2018

  • About how difficult it is to connect religion with political and economic behaviours
    The Economist  May 4 - 2018

  • The new overworking trend
    Harvard Business Review  May 18 - 2018

  • “The global financial system is like a sewer and all of the pipes run through New York”
    The Economist  March 23 - 2018

  • UK: if disenfranchised teenagers feel compelled to arm themselves, we have failed as a society
    The Guardian  May 31 - 2018

  • How to make sure good ideas don’t get lost in the shuffle
    Harvard Business Review  June 6 - 2018

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