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    I n t e r n a l   P r e s e n t a t i o n

    A set of illustrated/animated slides for Buzzfeed's internal marketing presentation 
    in order to showcase the products to potential clients and users. 

    Art Direction / Script: Jeremy Perez-Cruz
    Illustration: Yukai Du
    Animation: Tom Matuszewski 

  • " Marketers today are faced with disruption at every stop. Consumers are becoming more global. 
    Brand loyalty is fading. Industries are evolving. And the internet is at the centre of it all. " 
  • " We are an audience-led company that uses the internet to better understand people and connect with them in relevant ways." 
  • " And everything we do is powered by an undeniable understanding of people. " 
  • " Our brands were grown through the emotional force of audience sharing - allowing us to get big fast without relying on a traditional brand investment model. "
  • " Unlike platforms we’ve actually created content, and have had to rely on our understanding of what performs best to build our audience across all platforms. Our editors are actually leaders on every platform when it comes to content. "

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    All rights reserved © 2018 Buzzfeed
    Illustration copyrights © 2018 Yukai Du