16th century

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    some commissioned portraits

  • Such strange, absolutely impractical and uncomfortable clothes that only people who had slaves could afford. But don't the people who commissioned their portraits in these suits want to recreate that feeling of the slaveholder?
  • Roxolana, or Hürrem Sultan. The wife of Sultan Süleyman Kanuni (first half of the 16th century). A girl from Ukraine, who was taken prisoner by the Mongol-Tatars and sold into slavery in the Ottoman Empire. There, after passing a series of "castings", she was taken to the sultan's harem, and then became his beloved wife. Unfortunately, her photos are not preserved. But I guess she was a blue-eyed blonde, otherwise she would not have had any chances to get into even a long list of candidates :-)) I sincerely admire this woman… Since managing a harem is not to fight on the battlefield in a fair fight. With women, it is much harder to fight! :-))
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