SA Metal // Band Shirt Graphics

  • A small collection of recent illustrations I did in the South African metal music scene. The Treehouse Burning and Red Helen graphics were done for the individual bands, respectively, whereas the Metal 4 Africa graphic was created for one of Africa's biggest ongoing metal music festivals. I've included a short description with each illustration for some context.
  • Metal 4 Africa is an event where Africa's most notable metal bands come together to perform at a full-day gig alongside a few international headliners. Due to the name and the nature of the event, we incorporated some African aspects in the design in a less typical way. The artwork shows a witchdoctor summoning a spirit from African baskets in the form of a darkened tribal mask.
  • The artwork for Treehouse Burning feeds a lot from the name. It shows a wooden treehouse being ripped apart by a tree's burning branches, almost as if they were tentacles.
  • A red helen is a type of butterfly, which was a really nice entry into conceptualising the artwork. The centrepiece shows the butterfly with eyes on its wings overshadowing a cliff where a crowd of people have gathered to witness it.

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