HEWLETT-PACKARD - chicago re:invent 2017

  • HEWLETT-PACKARD - chicago re:invent 2017
    Creation and production of the multimedia content for the opening ceremony of the 2017 annual Hewlett-Packard's World Partner Forum event in Chicago.
    We created an immersive opening show with live camera feeds reflecting the crowd seemlessly mapped in real time on a 180 degrees projection canvas. 
    The visuals inhanced the performance of a live band using audio reactive generative particles, motion-design and 3D environments.
    Client : Gentilhomme
    Lead Motion design : Amélie Petit-Jean (Gentilhomme)
    Motion Design : Josselin Bey / Amélie Petit-Jean
    Art Direction : Amélie Petit-Jean / Josselin Bey

  • Client
    Quartier des Spectacles
    Creative Directors
    Multimedia Director
    Amélie Petit Jean
    Motion Designers
    Art Director
    Graphic Designer
    Louis Robert
    Alex Carignan
    Making-Of Editor
    Zacharie Chapuy