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  • V-Ape eLiquid Labels
  • I recently worked with V-Ape to create a set of 5 bottle labels for their debut range of e-liquid flavours.
    Playing off of the name "V-Ape", we decided to portray the flavours as ape/monkey characters, each with their own unique twist and style. One of the most notable aspects of 'vaping' is the amount of vapour production, which is also a favoured attribute amongst vapers. As such, we decided to put a lot of emphasis on the vapour clouds in the illustrations. A big "V" is situated behind the ape characters, and the brand name, "V-Ape", is included in each label design in a non-intrusive way.
    The open areas on either sides of the illustrations were used to include additional legal information, ingredient lists and any other relevant text, which were added after the illustrations were completed.
  • C A E S A R
    { Lemon Meringue Pie Flavour }
  • M A R C E L
    { Buttery Sugar Cookies Flavour }
  • C U R I O U S   G E O R G E
    { Creamy Vanilla & Orange Flavour }
  • K I N G   K O N G
    { Smooth Vanilla Tobacco Flavour }
  • K I N G   L O U I S
    { Creamy Strawberry & Dragonfruit Cheesecake Flavour }

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