Adobe Hidden Treasures: Bauhaus Dessau Initials Hamburg

  • Adobe Hidden Treasures: Bauhaus Dessau. 
    Initials Hamburg

    Welcome to a special project celebrating the campaign Adobe Hidden Treasures: Bauhaus Dessau.
    Idea & creation by Anna Fahrmaier (Typejockeys) & Birgit Palma on behalf of Adobe. 

    The Concept.
    Creation of initial letter artworks inspired by Bauhaus and based on the new created typefaces
    of the Adobe Hidden Treasures: Bauhaus Dessau campaign. Together with the invited guests of the #FutureOfDesign Tour with Scott Belsky on June 13th in Hamburg, we designed individual
    artworks with the respective initials of the guests. The artwork can be shared via social media by
    using the hashtag #AdobeHiddenTreasures to print it via hashtag printer.
  • To design the artworks, we created templates for the background and initials using Creative Cloud.
    These templates can be adapted and modified on-site based on individual preferences (shapes, colours, strokes, arrangement...). The result is a number of unique artworks that combine modern creativity
    with the timeless approaches of the Bauhaus.

    Find your personal #AdobeHiddenTreasures artworks here:

  • The Location
    Creating the Initial Poster Artworks, Hamburg 13.06.18 
  • ​​​​​​​----
    Fotos (c) Faktor 3
    About the used fonts: 
    Xants – Created by Luca Pellegrini based on the work of Bauhaus master Xanti Schawinsky.
    Joschmi - Created by Flavia Zimbardi based on the work of Bauhaus Master Joost Schmidt.

    The #AdobeHiddenTreasures fonts are each based on an 80 year old font sketch from Bauhaus Master Designers. Each digitally completed by an expert team of young typography designers led by Erik Spiekermann and Ferdinand Ulrich.  Review and production by Adobe Originals (Dan Rhatigan and Ernie March).

    The fonts are available via Adobe Typekit. Discover more about #AdobeHiddenTreasures here.

    Thanks for watching!
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