The Faroe islands- tale of the elements

  • The Faroe islands are no longer a white spot in the landscape photography world. 

    In fact in between of my first trip some years ago and the last one this year in march, i was already abled to see the change that the growing popularity among photographers and tourists with a love for the rugged and wild has created. Imagery from the islands is frequently seen in social media. What i had rarely seen was really winterish imagery, so my plan was to capture the islands in their winter dress.

    Easier said than done, because of the faroese weather. It´s not a place on earth where harsh winter conditions are likely to happen for a long time. 
    Most often it is one or two snowy days- then new rain comes and washes it all away.

    So of course i was really pleased to get lucky with the conditions- it was so much snow that many roads got closed and i had plenty time to explore the islands again looking totally different than normal. From time to time it was insanely hard to take pictures, but these raw experiences are what really fuels my creativity and passion for photography!
    After a week, winter vanished and suddenly the face of those mountains started transforming again... and suddenly it almost felt like summer.
    That was the moment when i felt i was done with this trip and went home to Germany.

    This is the first set of 10 images from that trip, another one will follow up shortly. I