Cryptocurrency Slang For Beginners

  • Cryptocurrency Slang For Beginners
    by Joseph Lattimer

    In November 2017 I was lured into the world of cryptocurrency. I'd obviously heard of bitcoin a few years back, but suddenly everyone was talking about it and I became hooked on the ins and outs of the world of digital currency and it's possibilities for the future. Once you've gone down the rabbit hole of crypto, you realise there's a huge community that's been developing their own global trading slang, which I've had fun trying to explain in this series. I hope it offers some help and entertainment to anyone that dares to join me in these speculative markets!

    Thanks to Paul Douglas for lending his vocal talents, and Paul Orwell for the sound.

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  • Direction, Design, Animation - Joseph Lattimer
    Production - Fancy Lamp
    Voice - Paul Douglas
    Music - Paul Orwell

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