Ed Sheeran Commision

  • Ed Sheeran Print
    Screen Print Commission
  • Limited edition of 33 screen prints commissioned by Aiken Promotions as a personal gift to Ed Sheeran following his sold out Irish tour.
    Screen printed by Damn Fine Print Dublin
  • Initial thumbnail sketch
    Working with Aiken we tossed around a few ideas, finally deciding to base the image on one of Ed Sheeran's Lyrics, the venues of his Irish tour (Phoenix Park was his Dublin venue) and a beautiful tenor guitar he was also being presented with. The guitar had been made from Irish bog oak so I wanted the oak leaves to feature in the design.
  • The photos reference for the guitar were slightly warped, so my first job was to create a technical drawing to ensure accuracy
  • more detail sketch
  • detail showing the four venues, Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Galway. On his arm Ed has a (purposely) misspelt tattoo of his song, 'Galway Girl' - it reads 'Galway Grill' - hence the sticker :)))
  • detail - He spent 3 nights playing to 50,000 people in the phoenix Park in Dublin
  • Full image finished
  • We limited the edition to just 33 prints. 
  • :))))
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    Thank You :)))