Parovel - oil labels restyling

  • Client: Parovel 
    Year: 2018

    The company
    Their passion for the earth and its fruits, grapes and olives has distinguished the Parovel family throughout the generations. In 1976 the Parovel company was the first in the Karst area to offer its extra virgin olive oil from the local variety Bianchera-Belica, unique for its organoleptic properties.
    Among the extravirgin olive oils the Tergeste DOP stands out with its mono-cultivation of Bianchera called UL'KA, and from 2016 also Slow Food Presidium


  • The brief
    1 - Create a unique design for Parovel's oils: Rozò, Ul'ka and Mackè. 
    2 - Change the name of Mackè into something new, targeted to the Horeca market
    3 - Consider this bottle

  • ​​​​​​​
    The project
    Parovel challenged us to create a new, unique design format for their labels. 
    Among the ideas we delivered last year, one standed out the most and was chosen to become reality.

    Inspired by the Karst appearance - which surrounds Parovel's terroir - we developed an infographic label. Every color indicates a specific cultivar in the oil's blend, meaning that the label itself indicates the olives cointained.
    The height of each colored stripe indicates the percentage.