• 'Double Dip' for Baby Bottle Pop Lollipops​​​​​​​
    We were commissioned by Nickelodeon Creative Services in New York to do what we do best, and create some hilarious CG character animation to advertise new Bottle Pop’s with Popping Powder in the run up to the spooky season. We ramped up the silliness for this production to appeal to tweens, and unsurprisingly half the Zoo wanted in on the action, making it a genuinely collective effort.
  • Our mischievous witches gather round the cauldron to brew up their Bottle Pop’s with Popping Powder, naturally using popping weasel and a howl of hair wolf. Chaos ensues when one witch ‘double dips’.
  • We were keen to imitate stop-motion animation, but used CGI for flexibility so we could really accentuate each expression and pose for maximum craziness.
  • Speed was of the essence with this project, and we turned the whole lot round in an astonishing four and a half weeks. We pooled resources from across the studio, even taking lead with the sound design as Nickleodeon liked our approach so much, and managed to work our magic in time.
  • Credits:
    Client: Nickelodeon Creative Advertising
    Directed by Blue Zoo
    Creative Director: Damian Hook
    Creative Producer: Lizzie Hicks
    Exec Producer: Tom Box
    Animation Director: Simone Giampaolo
    Art Director: Joe Kinch
    Storyboards: Chris Drew & Joe Kinch
    Concept artist: Izzy Burton
    Modelling Supervisor: Pietro Licini
    Modellers: Steven Umanee, Maddalena Delvecchio, Richard Cope & Chris Rais
    Look Development: Negar Bagheri, Gherardo Zurla, Hannah Wong & Arthur Tibbett
    Rigging: Anthony Delliste, Leo Blackmur & Vasil Shotarov 
    Animation: Dane Winn, Simone Giampaolo, Alec Smith, Phil Brooks
    Effects: Arthur Tibbett, Elaine Thomas
    Lighting and Rendering: Emma LeGood, Paul Mitcheson & Hanna Wong
    Compositing: George Quelch & Paul Mitcheson
    Sound: John Sutherland