Cineworld gift card advert

  • Cineworld advert​​​​​​​
    We were approached by Douglass/Day with a brief that’s right up our street - to make their fury, wide-eyed vision a CGI reality for Cineworld’s gift-card advert.
  • We had a lot of fun creating Gus, but designing an imaginary creature with recognisable features and traits doesn't come without it's challenges! Especially when combining it with a realistic backdrop, whilst maintaining the stylised look from the earlier concepts. Once animation was in progress we needed to revisit how we'd set up some parts of his body, like his big fluffy mane, as we spotted some issues with the way his fur would react to certain poses.
  • Lighting and compositing was also slightly more restricted than usual, as the colour choice and lighting of the character had to match the live footage - which was especially dark being in a cinema! We took some creative licence to make the character stand out as much as possible, which took some back and forth with the groom and shading to make it work.
  • The advert ran in Cineworld’s UK cinemas and on social media from October 2017 until Christmas. We also produced the accompanying poster that appeared in Cineworld foyers across the UK.
  • Credits
    Animation Studio: Blue Zoo
    Creative Director: Damian Hook
    Executive Producer: Tom Box
    Production Manager: Chantal Baldwin
    Design: Chris Rais
    Additional Concept Art: Izzy Burton
    Modelling: Pietro Licini
    Rigging: Anthony Delliste
    Animators: Ben Steer, Dane Winn
    Look Dev/Rendering/Comp: Gherardo Zurla, Arthur Tibbett, Negar Bagheri , Elaine Thomas, George Quelch.
    Client: Cineworld
    Cineworld Head of Marketing: Casey Cohen
    Agency: Douglass/Day
    Agency Creatives: Dan Douglass and Andrew Day
    Production and Post: Nice Biscuits
    Head of Production: Lesley Queen
    Sound Design: Tim Lofts
    Offline: John Layton