Nivea 'Doom Of The Dirt'

  • Nivea 'Doom Of The Dirt'​​​​​​​
    We love a juicy brief, so when we were asked to produce a short animation for Nivea showing a community of dirt characters being wiped out by a tornado - we couldn’t be happier.

    The animation was commissioned for the launch of Nivea Men’s Moisturising Tornado Liquid Cleanser, and in it we zoom right in to the surface of the skin to reveal a tiny colony of dirty critters, revelling in their revoltingness.
  • Introducing the dirt men

    Our Character Designer extraordinaire, Joe Kinch, came up with a series of goofy characters, and we tested a variety of renders on them. We were fortunate to have lots of creative freedom with this project, and were able to stay true to our vision of the dirt men. Their facial expressions, the humour, how they move and interact with each other, their personalities - are all as we originally envisaged.
  • No time to muck around

    Incredibly, we completed the animation in 6 weeks, which is a serious achievement considering the rendering required to produce realistic skin, dust and tornado waterspouts! We used a clever combination of simulation and pre-rendered effects at the composting stage of production, and were able to achieve the desired finish.

    The animation, titled ‘Doom Of The Dirt’, will be hosted on Nivea’s Asian website, and supported with a social media campaign.
  • Credits
    EXEC PRODUCERS: Tom Box, Damian Hook 
    PRODUCER: Chantal Baldwin
    LEAD 3D ARTIST: Pietro Licini
    ANIMATION DIRECTOR: Simone Giampaolo
    CONCEPT DESIGNER: Rafael Emidio
    RIGGING: Anthony Delliste
    ANIMATION: Marta Arisa, Alec Smith, Harry Roger Smith, Simone Giampaolo
    LEAD LIGHTER: Gherardo Zurla
    LIGHTING: Hannah Wong, Gherardo Zurla 
    MODELLING: Pietro Licini, Mattea Rosa Quaranta
    EFFECTS: Sean Bone
    COMPOSITING: George Quelch, Hannah Wong 

    PRODUCER: Ele Jin
    DIRECTOR: Yibi Hu
    ANIMATION: Blue Zoo
    SOUND DESIGN: Bill Cargill
    VOCAL ARTIST: Mark Parsons
    AE COMPOSITOR: Geffory Kilroy
    CLIENT: NiveaMen
    AGENCY: Publicis.Sapient
    AGENCY PRODUCER: Phoebe Fan,Wicky Yin
    CREATIVE DIRECTOR: JC Chen, James Lee, Raymond Chin
    ART DIRECTOR: Sun Shuang
    ACCOUNT MANAGER: Olivia Jiang, Wayne Li, May Wu