Illustration Game - Marimo Mag

  • I was asked to draw a ‘cadavre exquis’ about Phantasmagoria
    for my dear friend Adeline Marteil’s brand new magazine Marimo.

    About Marimo Mag:
    Marimo is a brand new independent magazine about animation in all its forms. It takes a closer look not only at cinema, but also at video games and experimental shorts. It brings to light the people involved in it, whether they are in front or behind the screen. Currently published on a biannual basis, we do not aim to follow news, but rather to offer a more open discussion on this form of art. Each issue is built around a theme echoing current societal questions or our own personal experiences. It combines essays, studios and/or projects insights, interviews, work-in-progress or comics.

    We aim to promote this particular form of art by offering an in-depth and critical insight, while also keeping it engaging and accessible to everyone. Marimo is thus aimed at animation professionals (including academics), but also students and enthusiasts. A beautifully designed and richly illustrated publication, Marimo is printed on FSC 115gr Munken paper.