eSteem Ocean

  • eSteem
    All these characters was done for mobile and desktop client for STEEM blockchain blogging platform. It started as my personal project. I wanted to contribute into eSteem application to support things I like. Gradually it became commercially successfull with the help of Steem vote system. I haven't sold anything but it got payed. Could you imagine that? I've just created some daily art posts on and started to get money out of it.

  • eSteem Ocean Sticker Pack
    Gradually I've created 50+ characters for a sticker pack which is available for free in Telegram now. As well as Line Messenger. We are planning to add them into build in eSteem app chat, iOS Messenger and other channels soon.

  • Join me on Steem and write me something if you are art relared.
    I would be glad to meet you there!