Tasty Diversity - Rausch

    For well-known years Colombians didn´t have people migrating to our country. Major migrations were from Colombia to everywhere. Our frontier with Venezuela is 1000 Miles. 50% of our population has a Venezuelan relative. Xenophobia, a worldwide phenomenon now arrived at Colombia. The political and social crisis in Venezuela, has forced millions out of their country. As they search opportunities, the Venezuela-Colombia frontier has become an exodus point. (+500.000 over 3 years “threating opportunities" for Colombians).

    The Rausch brothers are the most important chefs in Colombia, they are jewish, and knows how feels be judged. For this reason, they decided send a diversity message, creating a chocolates with the face of famous, who have differents origins. This chocolate as the characters haved been made with cocoa from the place where they born.
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