Cisco APS 2018

  • Cisco Administrative Professionals Summit 2018

    Administrative Professionals Summit (APS) is an internal professional development conference held by Cisco Systems. This year training event's theme was sound. Networking, workshop games, presentations and other activities were themed with their corresponding sound actions - Rewind, Fast-Forward, Play, Pause, Pump Up the Volume and Record. 

    Since the APS is the event that belongs to Cisco we have decided to use their iconic logo to create the sound wave that would be used as a key visual. The icons depicting activities were made in the same style and the icon for Play action was used as a primary logo. 

  • Thanks for watching

    Design: Piotr Płoch & Tomasz Chrostek
    Animation: Piotr Płoch
    Art Supervision: Paweł Rębisz