Rapture - The Rapture Bench

  • RAPTURE is an 8-part documentary series from Netflix that showcases the definitive impact 
    that hip hop has had on global culture. To launch, we linked the 8 rap-stars starring in the show with 8 talents from Italy’s rap scene. To hold this incredible rendezvous, we created a very special piece of urban forniture: a customized bench, illustrated by an artist, which was also an mp3 player containing the soundtrack of the documentaryThe result was an unprecedented series of interviews which collected more the 300,000 views on YouTube with zero media investmentListen to the voice of the street on rapburger.it/rapture 

    Executive Creative Directors: Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
    Senior Copywriter: Nicolò Carrassi
    Senior Art Director: Luca Riva
    Account Director: Elena Panza
    Account Manager: Anna Norelli
    Account Executive: Giorgia Marchelli
    Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari
    Event Manager: Laura Boy
    Illustrator: Davide Barco
    Executive Producer: Ivan Merlo
    Producer: Simone Raddi
    Interviews Director: Fabio Landi
    Post Production Supervisor: Seba Morando
    Editing: Daniele Dalle Piane
    Motion Designer: Marco de Benedictis