Bastet // Skateboard Graphic

  • B A S T E T
  • I mostly work on client projects as a commercial illustrator, so it’s not very often that I take on personal commissions. 
    That being said, one type of commission that I always have a hard time passing up is skateboards. Skateboard deck graphics were a hug inspiration to me when I first got into illustration, and I’ve never lost that interest. 
    I worked on this Bastet/Egypt inspired skateboard graphic. Having free reign, and knowing I had other commercial client projects waiting, I decided to streamline things a bit by sticking to black and white. I ended up being pleasantly surprised with my decision as the dark, black linework and subtle white highlights ended up feeling right at home on top of the skateboard’s wood texture.
    I always love drawing cats (no surprises there) and I’ve been itching to do an Egyptian inspired illustration, so settling on “Bastet” as a theme worked out perfectly.
    I didn’t plan to post this on Bēhance, so I didn’t take a lot of process photos a lot the way, but I had such a great time working on it that I decided to add it to my online portfolio anyway.
  • A few shoddy process images and a short timelapse I managed to salvage from Instagram Stories.
    Sorry for the bad quality! :)

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