KOR Water Key Visual

  • Devi Royal key visual 

  • KOR Water, a manufacturer of personal hydration vessels from California, has created a new product line - Kor Devi. These containers are very handy in every day use, durable and they keep your beverage temerature for many hours. To provide some tools for upcoming marketing campaign, I was asked to create key visuals, featuring the product in an attractive way and targeting male and female customers. 

    As a part of solution, I modeled the vessel and set up a scene, which gave me full control over the materials, lighting and camera shooting angle. I also sculpted the water enviroment that interacts with the product. There were two ways I was approaching this task. The "Royal" key visual presented here, is more creative and showcasing Devi in a quite unorthodox way. As a final touch, I added copywriting to complement the images.
    Project scope: art direction / 3D modeling & render / copywriting