FluidSelf Editorial Illustration

  • The Fluid Self.
    Editorial Illustration for the Adobe Create Blog

    Identity is evolving.
    It might be time to step away from the little boxes. You know the ones — they ask if we’re male or female, confine us to a single race or ethnicity, pin us down by our age. These days, people are thinking more and more about the inadequacy, even the tyranny, of boxes.

    In their place, we’re seeing a move toward self-defined, fluid identities and diversity that takes all kinds of bodies and lives into account. And marketers and visual artists are reflecting this evolution. I was asked by the team of Adobe to reinterpret identity in an illustration for marchs' blog topic #thefluidself, for more infromation look at Adobe's Artist Spotlight.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Excerpt of the Interview
    As you know, we’re talking about the fluid self on the blog in March. Can you share your thoughts about how changing concepts of identity (gender, ethnicity, age, etc.) are impacting in the visual arts? How are they influencing your own work? To observe the concept of identity and it’s change over the last decade is a very interesting one. Identity is no longer about limitations and stereotyped simplicity, it’s about embracing diversity and working with it. I also have the same feeling in design, it merges constantly and develops a hundreds of new ways of expression. Also I think it’s a part of our responsibility to react and enhance this transition in individuality. I’m curious what the future brings! 

    I tried to find an element which represents Identity as a set of ever changing ideas and transitions. I liked the idea of using a Rubik’s cube as way to show the eternal possibilities of identities. The person in the cube derives from greek mythology, Janus is the god of Transitions, the god of a long process of development which I found very fitting. Also I do love to work with greek statues, which in a way are the biggest artworks themselves.

    You can find more information about the project and a detailed tutorial
    on how I created the illustration on Adobes Create Blog.

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