Opium Visual Language


    OPIUM CLUB is one of the biggest electronic music venues and clubs located in Vilnius, Lithuania. During our research we learnt that OPIUM CLUB isn’t just a club. It’s a movement, a mindset. Working on this idea we defined one key element of this cult - language. Using only typography we created a new alphabet for Opium community. One letter defines the name of an event. For example, "A" stands for “ALL NIGHT LONG”. Every symbol has an unique character and attitude that reflects the spirit of the event. We designed a visual language that embodies the bold, confident and loud spirit of the brand. The new identity gives Opium visual tools to grow beyond a dance party and into a cultural movement. To discover Opium itself, head to Islandijos st. 4, Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Deliverable: Identity system / communication design / social media / poster design 

    © &andstudio

  • Client: OPIUM CLUB  /  Branding: andstudio  /  Photos by: Martyna Jovaisaite /  Vismante Ruzgaite / Opium Club