Malaki – Dokha

  • Malaki - Dokha

  • We developed two product videos for Malaki showcasing the Dokha pipe and the Shisha. Both videos hinge on the diamond shaped logo of the brand. 
    That very shape serves as a fil rouge throughout the various shots, narrating an alchemic exploration of light and darkness, smoke and mirrors delving into one of the most ancient rituals of making: smoking.


    — Direction: Ditroit
    — Creative Director: Salvatore Giunta
    — Design: Salvatore Giunta, Matteo Nicoli
    — Modeling: Giovanni Mauro, Riccardo Bancone
    — Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo, Matteo Nicoli, Pietro Furbatto
    — Animation: Matteo Nicoli, Vincenzo Memeo
    — Simulation: Vincenzo Memeo, Jordie Pagès
    — Editing: Matteo Nicoli
    — Producer: Ada Korvafaj
    — Audio: Smider

    — Agency: AmpersandReale
    — Creative Director: Jason Reale
    — Client: Malaki