• Lotus
    illustrations for the web design
  • This project was created last year (2017) to illustrate clients website. The website is not yet out and I am not sure when it will be ready. Never the less, i decided to share illustrations with you anyway.
    Client asked me to use Lotus plant as a theme for the visual representations of her website. And create 4 illustrations for different sections within the website.

    The website consists of sections about:
    Personal client growth
    Work with different organizations
    Global projects and vision.

    For the personal client growth section we chose to play with roots and the seed pod of Lotus.
    The Lotus leaves represents section about working with different organizations
    Lotus flower - Global projects and vision.

    And to crown the website, for the front page i created the combination of all parts of the Lotus

  • Illustrations for the front page
  • Illustrations for the work with different companies and organizations
  • Illustrations for the global project and vision
  • Illustrations for the personal client growth