When You're Glad To See The Monster

  • A boy who plays a brave knight on stage is afraid of the public. And when his turn comes to pronounce the words, he forgets his line.

    What should he do? He calls monsters for help and after they solve the problem - Monsters refuse to leave the boy. Monsters follow their little knight and guide him to brave adventures that will improve him and make overcome his fear.
    Monsters behave bad, should Boy listen to Creatures, or send them away to avoid trouble?
    The story is told through thoughtful minimalist storytelling and playful illustrations, which scary and funny at the same time. This wonderful book reminds us that: “Even if we behave like brave knights, sometimes we act as small beasts. It’s normal to be a monster if you can apologize and admit your mistakes.”

  • Story by Denis Kershner    Illustrated by Kristina Kerstner
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