Remember Death - Solo Show

    - Gianluca Gambino aka TENIA solo show -
    Curated by Nero Gallery

    The exhibition is born with the desire to focus on the mortal condition of the human being, on the fragility and brevity of life that binds to the certainty of death, investigating the concept of "Memento mori”.

    "Memento mori" is a famous expression in Latin whose meaning is "Remember that you have to die". Since the Middle Ages, it has been a warning to reflect on the ephemeral condition of existence and on the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits, since death is not a point of arrival, but the beginning of true life, that otherworldly.
    The end of life deserves to be captured and depicted, through serenely sad allegories, studded with an occult and intimate symbolism, in which the Black Reaper can be fixed in an instant.

    The “Memento mori” theme has always been linked to a series of iconographic symbols that the artist takes and reinterprets in his works to give life to a surreal and macabre world, immobile and timeless, in which the human figure is assigned the same role of still life.

    The Memento mori which are at the base of the artist's works thus become a means to reflect on the transience and provisional nature of the human condition, while at the same time constituting a sort of celebration to live fully in the awareness of one's mortality. Tenia celebrates the fragility of the human being with the only certainty that even this fragility will end one day.
    In a period of insecurity like today's, we must treasure the few certainties that remain. And what certainty is safer than death? 
  • The Fragility of Life
  • Memento Mori
  • Papilio Feralis
  • Memento Mei
  • Sicut Flos Vita Perit (Life Passes Away Like A Flower)
  • Original Sin
  • Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)
  • Iter Verum
  • Chant to the Moon
  • Omnia Fert Aetas (Time bears away all things)
  • The Collector
  • Coniunctio Oppositorum
  • The Equilibrist
  • Sacrifice to the Moon