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  • I offer Premium Tutorials for those who want to learn more and are interested in more in-depth techniques, tips and tricks. In my Premium Tutorials I will discuss the methods and techniques more precise. I also will be offering exclusives that are not available on Youtube. So instead of a quick 3 minute walkthrough of my photo-manipulations you'll get a version of 45 minutes.

    I think everyone deserves to have access to the professional photoshop techniques we use in the design industry for the price of a cup of coffee instead of paying thousands of euro’s for a design education. Creating these tutorials for you guys is very time consuming as you know. Although all my loves goes into making them, I don’t earn anything with it. That’s why your support would mean a lot to me!

    Subtitles: 中文字幕, 日本の字幕, Русские субтитры, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, English

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