Auto Trader - Responsive design

  • Auto Trader new product, responsive design
  • A new proposition to target a specific users to sell their car straight to the dealership through Auto Trader in 3 simple steps. Team consisted of Product manager, User researcher and myself as UI Designer.
  • Introduction

    Car buyers have a limited amount of mental effort they're prepared to invest and with the sheer volume of choice and personalisation available on today's latest models, options appear endless and often overwhelm consumers.
  • Brief

    Many consumers place their car for sale with us today and from user research and competitor analysis many would like a more convenient service.

    Using this research we wanted to create a small scale trial with the motivation to give consumers more choice and therefore more reason to come to Auto Trader to dispose and hence buy their next vehicle on Auto Trader.
  • Design process

    The concept was simple, create an initial trial landing page with call back process with the new brand look and feel, allowing the user to input their car details and get a quick car valuation.
  • User flow

    I started out by sketching out the core screens and user flow keeping in mind the inital objectives and requirements to make sure I was designing an experience that would allow consumers to complete the task when selling their car.
  • Lo-fi Wireframes

    Working closely with product managers to establish the content hierarchy, low fidelity wireframes where to created to present to stakeholders for feedback.

    Once a major direction was selected, I remained in the lo-fi stage for multiple iterations before moving on to visual design.

    With our knowledge and insights from a similar product we offer (creating a car advert) the visual design already had a base to work from. This helped save time which was vital as we wanted to put this live in such a short time.

    Using our component library helped in create quick and consistent visual designs throughout the user journey.
  • The challenges

    Some of the challenges in this project consisted of time, location
    of development team and contention around wording.
  • The approach

    To overcome these challenges working closely with the UX copy writer and product manager helped in moving he project forward.
  • The outcomes

    This project is still ongoing and is a very small scale trial as we look to engage other partners. As we do this, we will be attracting a bigger and more varied audience of sellers to the Auto Trader site.

    We know from research that people who sell on Auto Trader also look to buy on Auto Trader – therefore this is great for the retailers.