• The short film"Weird" is a monologue about the diversity. It is a scream of a girl, used to be judged as weird and different. In the film she gives voice to her sufferance and her dreams to delete this concept of weirdness. She thinks that in the end weirdness is only a point of view and we are all the same. But in some points of her monologue she falls in mistake to indicate something like Weird, because in the end Weirdness is nothing more than a personal perspective.

  • WEIRD is a short film by Fausto Montanari & produced by Lobster
    Screenplay - Fausto Montanari
    Art Direction - Fausto Montanari
    Animation Direction - Nikolay Ivanov
    Animation - Nikolay Ivanov, Teodor Hristov, Petko Modev.
    Aditional animation - Susanna Siouxsie Basone, Lorenzo Elevenam
    Music & SFX - Smider Noise