• Best Kept
    Jewelery Concierge

    Startup Branding
    Logotype & Mark
    Packaging Concepts

    ©2018 C.Ruprecht

  • Best Kept is a personal Jewelry Concierge Serving, coming to the Aid of the modern gentlemen, who is looking for the ideal surprise for their loved one. Based on in depth personal Dialogue the right type and style of Jewelry is determined and recommendations are given based on budget and aesthetic profiles initially based on intelligent Questionnaires.

    Influenced by the Clients' desire to have both female and male energy shine through the Corporate Design, the Branding aims to strike the right balance between a warm, subtle vintage and a boutique style modern feel.

  • The Logo

    For the Logo-System a feminine lowercase custom Word Mark is paired with a modern geometric, 
    jewelry-inspired Logo to achieve a contemporary, yet classic look. Both parts work individually 
    and as center aligned Unit.
  • The Custom Work Mark was based on finding the right contrast between 
    a feminine (rounded / delicate) and masculine (angular / bold) feel.
  • The Logo Element strikes a more progressive and modern Tone 
    as a counter Weight to the Word Mark.
  • Combined Logo-Elements
  • Colors / Typography

    A tried and tested combination of a warm gold and a deep emerald green is brightened and modernized 
    by a pastel skin tone. Use of Typography is understated and subtle. Gill Sans is paired with moderate 
    use of Baskerville to re-emphasize the modern/classic balance.
  • Geometric Elements are used sparely across important Text or Headlinesto tie creative 
    typography and logo together and to help add a more visual aspect to the branding.
  • Branding in Print & Online

    Visualizations of the Brands presence on and off the screen

  • Business Cards
  • Stationary Elements & Gift Tag
  • Additional illustrative  Element visualizing the Concierge and research 
    Aspect of the Company, as well as adding a romantic touch.
  • Online Presence Visualization
  • Packaging Design
  • Shopping Bag Design
  • Art Direction & Design: C.Ruprecht
    Mock-ups: Courtesy of Pixeden.com
    Inquiries: studio {at} christophruprecht.com