Corteva Agriscience — Logo reveal

  • Together with Ogilvy USA, we had a pleasure to create a very green and healthy video revealing Corteva Agriscience logo. The agriculture company was born this year with leading positions in Seed Technologies, Crop Protection, and Digital Agriculture, so the video had to be as blooming as Corteva itself. We have built mock-ups, planted thousands of various seeds and watched them growing before our very eyes. We used high-speed Phantom camera and motion control to record tiny details of this amazing, living process. 25 seconds of life miracle.

    The video shoot was taken in Warsaw, thank you Bites studio! Thank you, Ogilvy friends!

  • Client: Corteva Agriscience

    Executive Creative Director: Mike Hahn
    Creative Directors: Niels West, Thiago Cruz
    Art Director: Gina Senese
    Copywriter: Sean Decker
    Producer: Nicole Severi
    Account: Katie Connolly

    Creative Production Studio: Ars Thanea
    Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
    Art Director: Maciej Mizer
    Producers: Marta Król, Jan Wołowski
    Production Manager: Magda Błocian

    Director: Jakub Laskus
    DOP: Mateusz Dziekoński
    Studio & Motion Control: Bites.
    Timelapse: Daniel Truszkowski
    Art. Department: Edyta Słowik
    Producer (Bites): Katarzyna Lachowicz
    Production manager (Bites): Dominik Orpel
    Stage manager: Piotr Łazanowski
    Motion Control Operator: Michał Raczyński
    Phantom Technician: Łukasz Mergner
    Gaffer: Rafał Okyne
    Light & Light Crew: Heliograf
    Stage hand / SFX support: Paweł Kwarciak, Rafał Wiśniewski
    Edit: Wojciech Włodarski
    Color correction: Fred van Eden
    Online: Paweł Kozubowski
    Making of: Only Only