Oumuamua Milk Stout

  • Driftwood Brewery’s new Oumuamua Milk Stout is named after the first interstellar object to pass through our solar system. Like that tumbling cosmic entity, the beer is rare and marks a first: the brewery’s inaugural use of lactose. We crafted a dark celestial myth melding these elements with those of the beer’s style, conveyed in the cinematic artwork and label copy. We placed our wispy cloud-ringed planet in the mysterious object’s shadow to emphasize the heady implications of its arrival. The intricate megalith is lent threatening speed and technology via long horizontal lines, aerodynamic outcroppings, the hint of light sources and viewports. The custom typeface boasts both ancient and futuristic qualities, adding to the story—eons of dual civilizations at a monumental crossroad. Shimmering holofoil adds authenticity and a sense of spectacle to the galactic fantasy.
  • Illustrator's Outline Mode view, for all the vectorheads out there: