• "Joker"
  • Joker - is a special card, included in the standard 54-card French deck. 
    In most card games, the joker can play the role of any other card, either in simple mode 
    or when composing combinations. In the Tarot cards, the Joker is a card of duality, 
    a combination of opposites, it bears in itself both white and black, truth and falsehood, good and evil.
  • Curiously, the origin of the word "joker" has nothing to do with the English "joker" (English joker, "fool"), as many people think. It is believed that it appeared due to the incorrect pronunciation of the name of the German game Juker (yuker). It was in this game at the end of the XIX century that the joker appeared, which denoted the highest trump card.
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